Columbus, OH | Engagement and Wedding Photography | Alex and Mindy

I noticed that I have yet to blog this lovely couple's downtown Columbus session... AND their big day is tomorrow!! I had such a great time at all the cute locations Mindy and Alex took me to. As most of you know, I do not live close to any big cities (other than Dayton, but I don't venture there too often) and I do not prefer big cities. I was so nerve racked trying to find their downtown apartment as the addresses are so close together. I was thinking... "I COULD NEVER LIVE IN A BIG CITYYYY!". However, I found their apartment and was right now on time. I learned that Jeni's ice cream is the hot spot, clearly because they have THE best ice cream in the whole city. Or even state of Ohio! ;)

Mindy and Alex, I am so looking forward to spending the day with you two tomorrow. Can't wait to see all the little details you've put into your big day! Congrats ahead of time! ;)