Anna, OH | Engagement and Wedding Photography | Curtis & Shelly

I've been dying to share this session with all of you. First and foremost, let me just get out my frustration with spring weather. I wait around all winter long for the first sign of spring and wouldn't you know the days that I plan an engagement session, it rains, storms, tornado warnings- the whole nine yards. So on one of our many dates picked out, we finally had decent weather. As I'm driving to Anna, of course it looks like it's going to storm right... and my anxiety kicks in!!!! But to sum up my story, we ended up having beautiful weather and the sun even decided to peek through the clouds a couple times. We did our session at Shelly's parents home and the surrounding area. As much as a I love my stomping grounds in the good ol' Troy since it's familiar, I LOVE traveling and LOVE new locations! I definitely couldn't have been happier and had such a great time spent with the two of them which truly makes me know that Curtis and Shelly are the perfect match.


Can't not wait to share your wedding day with the two of you!

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